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Paleo Food Delivery Miami

WMC Paleo Cantina offers the full health package of diet and exercise to our members. We understand to see the best results for our members we need to incorporate a good diet plan. If you feel that you are not seeing the body-fat loss or increase in muscle size you are looking for, you might need to make a change in your diet routine or lack there of.

Starting at just $35 a week, We believe that offering a lower cost weekly diet plan will help reach a larger population of people to educate them on nutrition by building a healthy diet routine, help them reach their health goals, and save them the time/hassle of cooking.

Our Meals Consist of the following:

WMC chefs handcraft each of our client’s gourmet meals specifically using only the best Paleo ingredients.

How it works?

-Fill out our newsletter form to start receiving our email that goes out once a week.

-Call Jorge and speak to him at (786) 955-3974 about our Paleo Food Delivery Miami program and pricing.-Once a plan is picked out, we will prepare your meals everyday and will have them available for pick up at our location on Monday & Wednesday. If you need it to be delivered please call in for details.

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